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The role of a Parliamentarian is varied, and is usually somewhat custom to the needs of the organization. Every organization is unique and handles their meetings, their board meetings, and their day-to-day operations differently. A Parliamentarian is flexible and works to best address the special needs of each organization. The services list below is a guideline for commonly-requested assistance, but is by no means exhaustive. If you find that your needs aren’t covered below, please contact me and we can discuss your requirements.

Professional consulting fees and expenses

Hourly consulting fees are the same, regardless of where the client is located. Services range from $50.00/hour to $110.00/hour, depending on remote (teleconference or videoconference) or on-site needs, and the level of effort required.

When travel is required, the client will be responsible for all reasonable and customary travel expenses. Expenses will be estimated and approved by the client prior to booking travel, and an expense report, trip summary, and invoice will be provided to the client within 15 days after the conclusion of the event. In the case of local clients (San Diego, CA and Southern California), no travel expenses will usually be needed except if the geographic distance is more than 30 miles or if there is a multi-day event scheduled.

Commonly requested services

Please use this as a starting point for understanding the kinds of services that I offer. If you have specific needs that aren’t mentioned, contact me and I can create something custom for you.

Description On-Site Remote
Meeting Parliamentarian – attend with the presiding chair and assist with proper application of parliamentary procedure, clarification of procedures, framing of motions, amendments, resolving questions, handling elections, offering advice and more. $75/hr
Board of Director training – board/officer introduction to parliamentary procedure; presiding officer consultation and training; assistance with board processes, motions, committees and standing rules; election of officers and members; special and executive meetings; quorum requirements, job descriptions, review of bylaws, etc. $90/hr
Bylaws – assistance with interpreting bylaws, constitutions and articles of incorporation (note: not from a legal perspective; an attorney is recommended for that); help with creation and development of bylaws, revising and amending; evaluation of bylaws; formal opinion writing; group discussions, standing rules, committees and more. $90/hr $75/hr
Group workshops/training – general group training and instruction on parliamentary procedure and processes, duties and roles of officers, committees, elections, conventions, etc; proper meeting planning; agenda creation; mentoring of officers or members, taking minutes, committee meetings and reports, etc. $110/hr $75/hr
Presider – If your organization simply needs someone to step in as a meeting presider or moderator, I can help. This service would provide your organization with an impartial, experienced resource who can manage your meeting from start to finish. $55/hr
Formal opinions – when there is a question of procedure, or an interpretation of a rule or bylaw required, then a formal written opinion by a professional Parliamentarian can be very useful. I would evaluate the question at hand, researching against all parliamentary authorities and resources, including your organization’s governing documents, to come to a conclusion. This is then written up as a formal opinion and provided to you, along with a verbal explanation. $55/hr
Committees – assisting committees in establishing goals and objectives, and learning how to function within parliamentary procedure frameworks. Clarification of duties, mentoring on limits of responsibility and so on. $50/hr $50/hr
Phone/email consultation – If you have specific needs or questions and just want an opinion or advice (not a formal opinion), then we can arrange time to discuss your question and provide suggestions. This may entail off-line work, but costs will be estimated and provided if that is needed. $30/hr

Ethics statement and credentials

As a member of NAP, and a past member of AIP, I am committed to a high standard of conduct, and pledge to my clients an ethical, confidential, and experienced engagement. NAP and AIP members have jointly agreed to a Code of Ethics Statement for their members, and one to which I subscribe.

Please also read the page about my specific skills and credentials in order to get a better understanding of my education and professional certification.